Brett Stine: Haji's Kitchen - 2012 - new release details

RELEASE DETAILS: or... "Where and When can I get this $%&^#ing Album Already!"

DIGITAL (download) release will be JUNE 19 on, (.de, .uk, .fr, .jp, etc) and iTunes (also should be all countries).

PHYSICAL (pretty plastic jewel case full of sweet artwork, lyrics and a shiny silver disc) release will be *about* a week after that on only. I'm told they ship everywhere in the world for a reasonable price. We pressed 1,000 discs.. when they're gone, they're likely to be gone forever, so if you want one you should jump in. I'm supposed to pick them up here in Dallas early next week, and I'll get them shipped off to cdbaby's warehouse in Portland later that day. Be patient.. there may be stock interruptions until CDBaby gets the rate of demand figured out, but if our stock actually starts to get low, I'll let you all know here. I'll post updates when I get them picked up & shipped!

Final mixed, mastered version. "2012" releases June 19!

Keep an eye on for info & updates!

Music by HK. Lyrics & vocals by Daniel Tompkins. Gtr Solo - Brett Stine

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