Paco Hernandez: Mayones / Seymour Duncan Contest

Hey folks!

Here it is my entry to this great contest. I hardly ever enter contests, but the prize is so amazing, and the backing track that Keith Merrow has provided is so awesome and super fun to solo over that I´ve decided to give it a try.

I use a Fender Stratocaster American Standard which a student has lend me -damn I love its sound and feel- and my old and trusty ESP Horizon for the last unison (needed the 23th and 24th frets for that), For the tone, nothing fancy nor state-of-the-art here, but quite the opposite: the plain good old POD xt straight to the UA-4FX sound card, with some EQ toying in Nuendo later. That´s it. Oh, and that Korg Triton LE that another friend has lend me xD.

Good luck to everyone! :)

Paco Hernández -The Mayones / Seymour Duncan Solo Contest Entry