Travis Montgomery: Mayones/Seymour Duncan contest

Hey guys, here's my entry for the #MayonesDuncan contest entry! I was going for a more melodic feel than shred on this one. Also, yes...this video is being mimed for the purpose of quality. I wanted to make sure that I had the best takes for the solo :)

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Travis Montgomery - Mayones/Seymour Duncan contest entry

I recently upgraded my Axe-fx to v9.02, so I had to redo my presets. I started from scratch today with a few different amp models, and I think I'm going in the right direction. What do you guys think?

Amp: Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ (bright mode)
Cabs: 4x12 Recto (RW) L + 4x12 Recto (OH) R

Dialing in some Axe-fx tones