Marshall Harrison: announces next live show date for your calendar.

Mozart Mello: Expo Music 2012 - legendary, Krantz like funkyness!

Alexandre Christiani: Expomusic 2012 - great hard rock!

Jeyson Zimerer: Fuhrmann pedals Expomusic 2012

Edu Ardanuy: Expomusic 2012 - classy playing

Ricardo Marins: NIG/GNI pedals Expo Music 2012 - tasty bar work

Guty Rodrigues: Expo Nusic 2012 - ripping

Fernando Miyata: insanely amazing on Boss Expo Music 2012

Kiko Loureiro: Workshop Expo Music 2012

Edu Ardanuy: Expo Music 2012

Airton Mann: Expo Music 2012

Roger Franco: Tagima - ExpoMusic 201

Juninho Afram: Expomusic 2012

Tony MacAlpine: master class Ibanez Moscow 2010 awesome!

Professor Ben: Monks Blues - Aeolian 7 String

André Niéri,Hussein Haddad: Expomusic 2012

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Rush: CA Tour Manchester 2012

Jordi Amorim: Sunny - Greg Howe

Fabrizio Licciardello: two handed Metal jam

Stephen Ross: Dominant Figure - clinic video

Jack Gardiner,Tim Hoover: stunning Blues Fusion - taking it to the next level!

Michael Lee Firkins: Ronnie Montrose Memorial 2012

Michael Lee Firkins: Black Betty - Leeuwarden-romein 2012

Michael Lee Firkins: Little Wing and Hey Joe - Satyrblues 2012

Davide Pagano: Nikon D90 camera test on stunning fusion playing

Davide Montorsi: demos humbucker split to a single coil

Claudio Pietronik: The best of times - Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan,Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Aristocrats live DVD by Christmas?

Zakk Wylde,Kerry King: Fairies Wear Boots - Marshall 50

Yngwie Malmsteen,Glenn Hughes: Mistreated - Marshall 50

Doug Aldritch: Tim Ripper Owens - Heaven and Hell - Marshall 50 years

Paul Gilbert,Mike Portnoy: Cheap Sunglasses Marshall 50

Fabio Indio: Work shop series

Leonardo Guzman,Tom Quayle: the Pseudo-Jam

Alex Hutchings: Agora stage Musikmesse 2011

Mateus Starling,André Niéri: amazing jam sessions from Expomusic 2012

Hussein Haddad: Dreamer D-Pro HH, Waves, Expomusic 2012

Alejandro Abellán: Under a glass moon

Jan Laurenz: Song for Eszter an acoustic etude

Tom Quayle: Axe FX II Direct Jam

Jason Becker: The Movie available for preorder

Jeff Loomis: Monuments,Vildhjarta,Stealing Axion - tour dates

Paul Gilbert: DVD and CD available from Japan

Andy James: Scared Mother Tongue announced UK dates

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: Rush... you know you have arrived when you can sell cars!

Thomas Youngblood: Kamelot guitarist reveals new ESP guitar