Nick Llerandi,Billy Anderson: Ever Forthright - Metal... Djazz

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"Ever Forthright is a progressive metal band from one of the most musically diverse places in the world, New York City. Artfully fusing modern jazz, progressive metal, hip-hop, electronica, and other styles of music into an auditory landscape is one of the reasons why Ever Forthright are quickly becoming known as true architects of modern music.Most of the members have attended and/or graduated from some of the top jazz performance schools in the world. A wide range of musicians/groups fuel this bands sound, such as Meshuggah, Kneebody, Cynic, Deftones, Wayne Krantz, Suicide Silence, Jill Scott, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and many others. No filler, no rehashed riffs, just pure, original music.

Shortly after their debut release, Ever Forthright gained a solid, ever-growing fanbase and were instantly known as masters of their genre. Fans instantly recognized their natural ability to blend a wide range of styles and concoct an amazing display of technical genius that set them apart from all others.

Chris Barretto- Vocals / Sax
Nick Llerandi - Guitar
Billy Anderson - Guitar/Production
Jon Llerandi - Bass 
Jerad Lippi- Drums 
Kevin Theodore - Keys

Nick and Billy play through "Spineless v2". Overdubbed with brand new audio. BIGGER, BADDER, HEAVIER, AND A CAT!!!

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Ever Forthright - Spineless Guitar Playthrough

Ever Forthright - The Little Albert Experiment guitar playthrough


  1. If you ever come out with a karaoke version (no vocals) I'd buy this in a heartbeat.


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