Vartan Mkhitaryan,Ric Fierabracci: Post Factum - awesome new fusion

Kudos to Kermheat for spotting!

Vartan Mkhitaryan - guitar
Andrey Golodukhin - drums
Ric Fierabracci - bass

Music by Andrey Golodukhin/Vartan Mkhitaryan

Mixed and mastered by Ric Fierabracci

Post Factum Project - When The Zombies Go Marching In

Music by Aziza Mustafa Zadeh

Recorded and mixed by Oleg Moroz
Mastered by George Whitty

Post Factum Project - Holiday Blessings


  1. Many thanks to the author that in the topic title and the following link it everywhere where he could constantly reminded of a
    third party, the duo Vartan - Ric
    It is only strange that both the video is divided into three parts ...
    Next video of this remarkable duo will consist of four parts: two Ric and two Vartan


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