Brian Auer: Ibanez guitar solo competition 2013

I recorded it with my POD X3 Live pedal, my Ibanez RG 570? Guitar, and used my HD webcam.

A Little about my attitude and entry,

My entry is a composition.

First thing I did was listen to the track several times. I feel it is important to write something appropriate and showing respect to the music vs shredding every lick I know to impress people. I know these tracks take a lot of work to make so I feel it deserves just as much work to compose a solo over.

I did use some improvisation to come up with the licks and melodies used, but I pretty much heard exactly what to play over it the first few times listening to it. Of course I experimented a little bit too, but it's 100% composed at this point. I used 100% improvisation in the last years contest so I wanted to change it up this year and see what happens ;) I apologize if my melodies are cheesy and infect your I'm an 80's kid so it's gonna happen ;)
I know most of you that watch my videos will probably expect some shred, but sorry. I did not hear anything much faster than a triplet over this and I am going with my heart on what I think sounds best VS what my Ego wants to show you (hehe). I really worked hard on deciding what to put on this as far as a melody and tasteful lines so I hope you enjoy it.
I have watched several entries and all i have watched were excellent, so best of LUCK to all that enter ;) POP WORAVIT, thank you for letting us jam over your track.Your solo over was greatly inspiring, I hope i do it justice ;)

Thanks to the judges for taking the time to watch this ;)

Brian Auer


Pop Woravit: Ibanez guitar solo competition 2013 20 Apr 2013