Richard Hallebeek: Rene Engel 'Slow Life' new CD

Richard Hallebeek: Rene Engel 'Slow Life'
 Richard Hallebeek
The new Rene Engel album called 'Slow Life' is now available from my website. I've been playing with Rene for over 15 years and his composing and playing has been evolving over the years. I think this is one of his strongest albums, composition and playing-wise. There's lots of my guitar work on the 10 tracks and I'm really pleased the way the mix came out.The cd will be available in about 10 days. You can order already and make sure you will be the first to get it on your doorstep! If you want it signed - let me know with your order. Also new soundclips for each song to check out: with Frans Vollink - bass, Davy de Wit - bass, David De Marez Oyens - bass, Martin Verdonk - percussion, Coen Molenaar - keys.


Rene Engel Drums
Richard Hallebeek Guitars
David De Marez Oyens, Frans Vollink, Davy de Wit Bass
Coen Molenaar, Sebastian Altekamp Keys