Peter Hodgson,Joe Satriani: When I Heart Guitar met I am Guitar

Peter Hodgson: Mr I Heart Guitar
I look back to just a few months ago... I run headlong into  Mr I Heart Guitar... we have to meet half the way around from each other... in Los Angeles at NAMM.. Peter is more lucky than me though... Joe Satriani flies out to Melbourne to get a once in a lifetime jam with fellow guitar blogger and uber digger Peter Hodgson!

Peter Hodgson: This is me (Peter Hodgson - hi) jamming with Joe Satriani at his masterclass in Melbourne, Australia presented by Thump Music on April 13, 2013. You may have to squint your ears a bit to hear me but hey, I'm stoked that there's even a video of this. I'm playing the provided jam rig - an Ibanez JS2400 through a Hughes & Kettner TriAmp - while Joe rocks his Ibanez JS2410 through his signature Marshall JVM410JS head. Thanks to Julien for the video!

Peter Hodgson Jams With Joe Satriani - Melbourne, Australia, 2013