Justin Derrico: Tone Merchants and Bogner Amps

SUBSCRIBE for more videos! Part 1 of guitarist Justin Derrico's custom studio and live rig by Tone Merchants and Bogner Amplification. Discover the details about Justin's switching system, effects and Bogner amps that he uses on tour with Pink and The Voice TV Show. Background music features music from his solo CD "Boldly Going Nowhere" available on iTunes.

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Executive Producer - Bogner Amplification
Tone Merchants - http://www.tonemerchants.com
Producer, Director of Photography, Camera, Editing & Sound - Greg V. http://gregvmusic.com

Music Performance - Justin Derrico http://www.justinderrico.com

Justin Derrico's Rig Part 1 - Tone Merchants and Bogner Amps

Justin Derrico's Rig Part 2 - Tone Merchants and Bogner Amps