Yiannis Papadopoulos: wins Guitar On Sky competition

Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II The Winners
1st Place: Yiannis Papadopoulos
2nd Place: Azli Violet
3rd Place: Morgan Reid


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I'm so excited to finally announce this competition after the complicated days during judging and video editing. Things came up while organizing the judging process. They are all busy on tour, gigs, and recording, so I was lucky to have them on the judging table and make a hard decision considering that the entries are all great.

36 entries, is not a big amount of contestants. It may caused by the backing track that sounds unfamiliar to some of guitar players out there. I know it's a kind of hard stuff composing soloing line over the backing track. And it's challenging to some people. That makes those who entered this contest are special. I personally would like to give my big respect for them (bows).

The entrants show a complete performance with all styles and techniques. So, we decided to categorize the top 3 based on their musicality. Here are the criteria we noticed at; skill/technique, shred, and soloing concept. Those were what blown us away. We had some different opinion about the winners, so the total score helped us to pick the top 3. This would be the most objective way of judging I've ever conducted. So, congratulations to the winners. Please contact me at guitaronsky@gmail.com to send your address for the shipping.

All the best,

Edwin Mclean


Andy Wood: "It's an honor to be a part of it!"

Sam Bell: "All of the top 3 entire impressed me immensely, it's hard to categorize them in order. They all brought something unique to the table, and it was great to hear their ideas over my backing track. Congratulations guys!"

Troy Stetina: "All the players showed a masterful command on the technical end. Where the differences showed themselves to me were more in the area of the feel of the lines, and musicality... which lines seemed to pull me in and hold interest and move in ways that were somewhat unexpected, yet totally "right". Distinctive."

Edwin Mclean: "This is a shredder's day out! Everyone learns each other and has a serious impressive way to play over the backing track. This is not actually about being a shredder, making a dream solo is all about. Thanks to all who let this happened."

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The backing song called Mata Hari from Intervals album "In Time":http://intervalsmusic.bandcamp.com/al...
Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II - Result!