Sergey Boykov,Marcel Coenen: OSV - Genesis Effect

Now Available!!! Be one of the first to purchase brand new OSV album "Genesis Effect" featuring Sergey Boykov - Keys / Marcel Coenen - Guitar / Gary Oppert - Drums / Steve Sexton - Bass !!!! Attention fans of Planet X, Steve Via, Dream Theater and LTE!!! All Instrumental Progressive Rock Metal Fusion!!!

Dimitris Starakis:
One of the most underrated instrumental projects returns with a new CD and at the same time makes a reviewer’s life harder. How is that? It is so difficult for one to be precise when in need of transforming his emotions into words, when the songs he listens can “speak” through notes. Drummer Gary Oppert and bassist Steve Sexton join again forces with guitarist Marcel Coenen and Sergey Boykov and deliver us a wonderful album that I enjoy even more than their previous efforts.
“Genesis Effect” includes 11 tunes, balancing on improvisational forms, while mixing guitar and keyboard leads from Coenen and Boykov. Since we all know how great guitarist Marcel is, I would like to stress again the great talent of Sergey Boykov. I think it is quite hard to find a keyboard player that can deliver strong melodies that play a strong role in a song, without just “filling” some gaps. The listener can enjoy his important role in songs like “Anti-Matter”, “Sixth Sense”, “Zero Amplitude” (what an opening riff!) and “Departure”. Another brilliant instrumental tune that OSV are always able to make us enjoy. 

I know that it is hard for an instrumental band to produce a constant surplus of musical enjoyment, but OSV have the Midas touch! Another highly recommended instrumental album full of creativity and musical brilliance!

Sergey Boykov,Marcel Coenen: OSV - Genesis Effect

1. Departure 4:57
2. Observations 1:02
3. Maximum Density 4:03
4. Anti-Matter 3:47
5. Sixth Sense 4:59
6. View from Above3:31
7. Consequential Choices6:25
8. Zero Amplitude 5:17
9. Luminosity 6:24
10. Arrival 4:50
11. Fading Images1:47

Marcel Coenen - OSV Project Recording January 7th 2013 (HD)