Marcel Coenen, Sergey : New album on the way O S V 2021 - F I N A L A P P R O A C H 2 0 2 1

Sergey Boykov,Hedras Ramos, Fabrizio Leo, Joop Wolters, Gianluca Ferro, Thiago Trinsi: keyboards and guitars

Marcel Coenen,Sergey Boykov,Jonas Tamas,Mathieu Fiset : OSV - The cover of light - 8th album available online

Sergey Boykov,Joop Wolters: Free track from his solo album "Falling Skies"

Sergey Boykov,Marcel Coenen: OSV - Genesis Effect

Marcel Coenen,Sergey Boykov: OSV tracking solos for the album

Marcel Coenen,Sergey Boykov, Jonas Tamas: You Are - OSV5

Marcel Coenen,Sergey Boykov,Jonas Tamas: OSV 5 - available now!

Marcel Coenen, Sergey Boykov: OSV - Evening Sky

Jonas Tamas: Time Less Hour new CD, featuring a host of top guitar players

Jonas Tamas, Mattias IA Eklundh: IA added to all star line-up for new album

Hedras Ramos: Atoms and Space pre-order has some special goodies

Brett Garsed,Jonas Tamas: guest appearence on Jonas's upcoming CD