Jason Sadites: New Album Musician Costs - Help Jason pay the musicians to record his 5th album.

Jason Sadites: New Album Musician Costs
Short Summary http://igg.me/at/musicians
I have recently completed composing music for my 5th studio album. This album will consist of one lengthy piece of music with many movements, running the musical gamut from progressive rock to traditional jazz to fusion etc., all based heavily on poly-rhythmic musical motifs with rich harmony. The music really does have something for everyone and can be enjoyed by musicians and fans of music in general.

On my past recordings I have worked with the likes of Kenny AronoffMarco MinnemannChad WackermanTony LevinGregg BissonetteMatt BissonetteBryan BellerAdam NittiMartin MotnikAlex MachacekJerry MarottaBrett Garsed. Working with musicians of this caliber really brings the music to a new level and allows the ability to release a project of top quality for all listeners to enjoy. Unfortunately, it is also not an inexpensive venture to work with these fine musicians and I feel they truly deserve every penny they get!
For this project, the drumming of world-renowned super drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani etc.) has already been confirmed. Marco will be entering the studio in November to track the drum parts. 
I am looking to raise money to help complete the project. At the moment I am speaking with a couple of world-renowned bass players to complete the musical side of things as far as the recording goes.
Below you can find links to the collages of the rough demo's of the project. Please keep in mind these are unmixed audio snippets featuring drum machine, midi bass and amp simulator software. The finished product will be of MUCH higher quality and performances: 

Soundcloud 1
Soundcloud 2

What We Need, What You Get

I have already funded a large portion of the project. The funds raised by this campaign will be used for the following:
  • Payment to a world-renowned fusion bassist that will lift the music to a new level.The album will be recorded at 96khz/24 bit. For those that are interested in optimal sound quality, they will be able to download the album as a FLAC file at this amazing sample rate for the best listening experience. The music will also be available in mp3 and CD quality FLAC files.
  • The plan at present is to make the album available as a download only, but depending on the amount of money raised a CD may be manufactured.
  • The various perks available through this campaign are a download of the new album when it is available (targeted at early 2014) to all who contribute. Depending on the amount of ones contribution they may also receive coupons for free downloads of Jason's previous projects from his web store (mp3 and FLAC), executive producer credits, exclusive downloads of early demo's of the album, exclusive downloads of charts supplied to the studio musicians, exclusive guitar tabs of my rough composing notes.

The Impact

Your generous contribution will be much appreciated in getting this project off the ground. I think musicians and non-musicians alike will find something enjoyable in the music on this album, which will only be enhanced by the amazing musical contributors like Marco Minnemann. The modern day environment for recording music has made it difficult to get these projects off the ground, so for your help I will be eternally grateful :-)

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to help with a contribution it would be greatly appreciated if you could:
  • Help spread the word through social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Or using Indiegogo share tools!
Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give! http://igg.me/at/musicians