Syzygy,Pietro Rosso,Carlo Menon: What are those strange objects on the wall behind the chained man?

Do you remember of the offbeat video we talked about 10 days ago?!/entry/627977

We wanted to know more about the strange objects on the wall behind the chained man, so we caught up with band member Carlo Alberto Menon.

Syzygy is an eclectic Italian duo, founded in 1997 by Pietro Rosso (the guy in chains) and Carlo Menon (bass  and guitar). The unusual bass guitar Pietro is trying to reach was hand-carved by Carlo in 1999 and features an original titanium neck on acrylic body.  The guitar even impressed John Petrucci of Dream Theater once.

While Carlo graduated with a degree in Composition at Venice Conservatory, Pietro created a recording studio where they work today, aiming to release their second album early in 2014.  They love to collaborate here with other artists in order to create an open artistic project. This is how they came to know Marco Chiurato, an artist fond on creating self destructive operas and funny decorations.  Here the secret is revealed: those are plaster casts of real boobs covering a whole wall in Marco's house! Sick but true... how’s that for art?

Syzygy - Solo on "Erised" by Periphery