Al Joseph: Infinite Guitar - Legato Tutorial Promo

Hedras Ramos: Xotic AC Plus Pedal

Christophe Godin: headed for Russia, let him know where you want him to play!

Jose Sequeira: classy Waves of Shred

Jerry Báez: Waves of Shred

Jason Becker: another portrait by Joviana Marques

Damjan Pejcinoski: Purple Rain - with The Presidential Orchestra Of Belarus

Jolo Carrera: Waves of Shred Entry

Roger Pedersen: Circus - insane two handed tapping

Alex Stornello: Out today the first video by Angels And Demons

Theodore Ziras: Hand of God debut album available

Nicole Papastavrou: Eye Ra Haze news update and video

Eyal Freeman: Lonelia - SHAZAM Live

Yiannis Papadopoulos: wins Guitar On Sky competition

Samuel Rivas: #SIA Guitar contest

Jeff Kollman: tv jones pickups and Kollmation pedal

Daniele Gottardo: at the home of Jason Becker

Guthrie Govan: Clinic in Brazil May 2013

Bryan Aspey: Waves Of Shred - the man is back and in top notch form!

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: Jack Lue series Slidebar in Fullerton 2013

Cristian Guerrero: Waves of shred entry 181!

Doug Doppler: Orange Amps CS50

Shawn Lane: 10th Anniversary Concert - tribute concert is building with contributions from across the globe!