Hedras Ramos: Xotic AC Plus Pedal

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Hedras Ramos - Xotic AC+ pedal FX

This video has subtitles in English, Spanish and Japanese
Click on CC for subtitles - Presiona CC para subtítulos

Song (excerpt): LSD - Copyrighted 2013
Background music: VIRTUAL TANGLES - from the album "Atoms and Space"

Pedal photo and Xotic Logo are the sole property of Prosound Communications Inc.
Bajos Xclusivos logo is the sole property of Bajos Xclusivos
Photos taken at IGA - International Guitar Festival 08Nov2012
Photographer: Juan Tomas Garcia

Video editing: Hedras Ramos Sr.
Mixed by: Hedras Ramos Sr.

For more information on Xotic pedal effects please visit:http://www.xotic.us/

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http://www.hedrasramos.com (OFFICIAL WEBSITE)

Hedras Ramos: Land of Mirrors