Kazumi Watanabe: Unicorn solo

Allan Holdsworth: E Tune on 3 Sat - wild and truly diminished!

Lorenzo Venza: 7 strings fusion solo

Steve Vai,Tony MacAlpine: live performance jam sessions

Ignazio Di Salvo: iPhone impro - the kitchen session... next stop where?

Dudley Ross: The Blues Bandits

Jeff Loomis: Rising Force Schecter GuitarFest, Chile 2013

Jimmy Smyth: steaming solo for the track Cocaine

Kiko Loureiro: posts cover of new Angra DVD and announces release details

Steven Wilson, Guthrie Govan: Drive Home promo clip

Jason Becker: On the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle today

Aaron Marshall: Seymour Duncan - Slanted Pegasus/Sentient pickups

Derryl Gabel: An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel DVD and 4 notes per string and visualization

Rebecca Scammon,Ray Suhy: Chaotic Negation's dynamic Duo with EMG 57/66 Pickup Demonstration

Michael Lee Firkins: Yep - the new album details

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse - Evil & Divine

Xander Demos: will be the guest on Art Sees Diner radio show.

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour CD, DVD and Blu-ray announced

News: former lead singer of Marillion, will embark on an extensive 13-date UK tour in May 2014

News: October issue of Premier Guitar is available

News: Berlin set to release new album and US tour dates

Rick Graham: Quick but Slick Lick Series - on Download

Giorgio Rovati: jam on Backing Track by Alex Hutchings