Tom Quayle: Empress Nebulus Pedal Demo - TQ105 is back online!

Mistheria: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons | Metal project introduction

Marty Favento: One of the songs that will be on my debut guitar album

Panos Arvanitis: Six string Arpeggio with tabs

Callum Williams,Simon McBride: Intimate Blues Jam

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Some UK live dates - get to see JST ASAP!

Cameron Allen: Jamming on a Funky Standard Blues

Sam Coulson: Guitar Duet - Samba Pa Ti

Piotr Wójcicki: Quartet. "Bazyliszek" 2013

Anouck André: Fractal Audio System - Axe FX II : Jazz Fusion Package

Zakk Wylde: Brutus Magnus cops a chair in the back of the head from Black Label Shredder

Orion Meshorer: Steven Wilson Drive Home Solo - great reenvision of the awe inspiring Drive Home solo.

Fidel de Jesus: wide stretch licks

Mika Tyyskä: New Mr. Fastfinger levels in GuitarBots -- shred like the sensei

Hanspeter Kruesi: Concierto de Aranjuez - Main Theme re-envisioned for tapping Guitar

Alex Lifeson: talks to Nicky Horne at the Classic Rock Awards 2013

Nicola Schintu: Il piccolo tapparolo sardo - fast tapping etude

Lalle Larsson,Krister Jonsson: Karmakanic - live in the US 2CD package

Troy Stetina: tonefreqs interview Troy as feature artist

Andrew Jay: performs live for Jason Becker

David Maxim Micic: BILO 3.0 - full album streaming