Greg Howe: new signature amp called Maragold from DV Mark!

Conrad Schrenk,Juan García-Herreros: performing the solo part of the song "Impulse Interno" - great fusion

Gabbo Puente: Exivious Solo Contest // Gabbo Puente

Dmitry Maloletov: Black & White - two handed tap style guitar

Jimi Sobara: Freedom - official promo video

Matt Moliti: Improvisation over "Twelve" - state of the art licks

Chris Gordon: Far Beyond The Sun Rehearsal with Trial By Fire

Joe Bonamassa: Miss you, Hate you - Tour de Force Live in London 2013

Shane Gibson, Thomas Lang: stOrk Album - Broken Pieces - more perks to choose from

News: Sample Grooveyard delights on the second best of release

John F Klaver: Blues Jam tracks series

Shaun Baxter,Andy Mclaughlan: In Conversation with Shaun Baxter

Mika Tyyskä, Andy Mclaughlan: Mr. Fastfinger - In Conversation

Andy Mclaughlan: Hey Tee Bone Jam with Gravity Picks - tasty playing alert

Morten Faerestrand: Let it snow - Jazz guitar arrangement

Sergey Golovin: Die Antwoord "Fatty Boom Boom" Metal

Dean Murphy: Fusion Funk Improvised Solo - extra point for the hat

Tom Quayle: New Tom Quayle Project Coming Soon!

Tom Richardson: Ghostbusters Cover - Suhr Modern and Wampler Dual Fusion

Julio Valle: Guitar Solo

News: ArtistWorks is offering something radically new. Absolutely FREE beginner acoustic guitar lessons.

Paul Masvidal: Cynic - Kindly Bent For Us FreeCD - Preorder

News: Jamstar is an interactive mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop app that acts as your own personal guitar teacher

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: RUSH - Daily Prizes Through December 24th!