Tom Quayle: New Tom Quayle Project Coming Soon!

New Tom Quayle Project Coming Soon!
Hey guys! Here's a sample from a new project I've been working on really hard recently. I went into Silent City Studios to record 12 backing tracks with the amazing Garry Jackson (Bass) and Dave Walsh (drums). These backing tracks are all full, live performances that were videoed on the day and will be available soon for you guys to jam over. We have put together a whole host of different grooves in multiple keys, with and without changes and in multiple time signatures. All of the grooves are open for soloing and build naturally as we improvised around the main ideas. It's as organic as you can get and really feels as good as playing with a live band. To top it all off I'll be including a sample solo for each track that is fully transcribed and you'll even get a version of each video where you can put your own videoed solo directly into the video (a small amount of video editing knowledge is all that's required!). I'm hoping to have this package out before Christmas