Conrad Schrenk,Juan García-Herreros: performing the solo part of the song "Impulse Interno" - great fusion

"Impulse Interno" Guitarsolo by Conrad Schrenk

Conrad Schrenk performing the solopart of the song "Impulse Interno" by Juan Garcia Herreros / The Snow Owl from the album NORMAS.

Conrad Schrenk,Juan Garcia Herreros:  Snow Owl

1. Señor C.P. 07:17
2. Huellas 10:12
3. Impulso Interno 05:39
4. Cuerpo y Alma 08:51
5. Som I Serem 12:47
6. Touched 09:27
7. Hearts of Ether 08:55

Each and every established Jazz artist must at one point of his career record a "Standards" Album. It is an homage to the tradition and a proof of his improvisational accomplishments. For my next CD entitled "Normas" ( Standards in spanish ) I have accepted this challenge. I have taken the titles of famous Jazz Standard compositions , and Translated them into my interpretation of what the Standards of today in Jazz should be. For example a simple John Coltrane Blues entitled Mr.P.C. is now a complex and multi-rhythmical song in a 5/4 meter Clave with the title Señor C.P. !

The ensemble requires the hottest and biggest names in Latin Jazz today mixed up with the tradition of this amazing art form. We have Grammy winning and nominated musicians performing ORIGINAL compositions. Each title is a song, a story and a journey. Improvising over a standard is old fashioned, but setting a new model for which the tradition can grow on is a whole other monster. This CD production will not just be a Bass soloist showing off some chops on his instrument. It is the documented sounds of a musician's pilgrimage through our planet , interpreting it's mysteries with sound.

African Drums, Burning Latin Montunos , Blazing melodies , screaming guitars and Balkan odd meters all in one session ! Performing, working, admiring and developing each other's spiritual traditions.

a new standard - NORMAS !!!!!
released 05 November 2013
Produced by Juan García-Herreros

All songs composed by Juan García-Herreros

Juan García-Herreros - Electric Contrabass Guitar
Hector Martignon - Piano
Roberto Quintero - Percussion (Tracks 1,2,3,5,6 & 7)
Stoyan Yankoulov - Drums
Jonathan Powell - Trumpet (Tracks 1,2,3,6 & 7)
Jeremy Powell - Tenor Saxophone
Alexander Wladigeroff - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Klaus Dickbauer - Bass Clarinet (Track 4)
Conrad Schrenk - Electric Guitar (Track 3)
Daniel Mesquita - 12 String Guitar (Track 2)
Mamadou Diabate - Balafon & Percussion (Track 2)
Abdoulaye Dembele - Dun Dun Ba (Track 2)
Djakali Kone - Djembe (Track 2)

Recorded and mixed by Georg O.Luksch
Recording assistant : Daniel Mesquita

Recorded in Home Music ( Vienna, Austria 2013)