Fabrizio Licciardello: plays Francesco Distefano guitars

Jason Becker: The JB Fest interviews from Loud Guitars

Timo Somers: Mike Blackburn interview for

Charlie Parra: 'Hard Rock...And More' from Jam track central

Shoko Nagasaki,Ai Ohnuma: Zonk-Monk live rehearsal

News: Basick Records Firesale - upto 50% discount

Courtney Cox, Wanda Ortiz,Heather Baker, Nikki Stringfield: Iron Maidens House of Blues (Anaheim) 2013 Jack Lue Series

Brent Hinds,Bill Kelliher: Mastodon Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013 Jack Lue Series

Chris Holmes,Troy Elizondo: Stonebreed featuring WASP's Chris Holmes - Jack Lue Series

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James Norbert Ivanyi: Aphasia - 'Ubuntu' featuring Beau Golden & Danny Tunker.

Kiko Loureiro, Virgil Donati, Anthony Crawford: Baked Potato, Los Angeles, December 20 2013

Ciara Camacho: Keith Merrow - Wrong Axis - great cover

Kevin Peters: Dreams Of Fireflies - Trans-Siberian Orchestra Play-Along Contest Entry

Angel Vivaldi: Carol of the Hells

Shawn Lane,Jonas Hellborg,Felix Sabal: Lecco Live - Warsaw, Poland 1998

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