Charlie Parra: 'Hard Rock...And More' from Jam track central

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After much demand Charlie Parra has released his debut exclusive and original jam track series, entitled 'Hard Rock...And More!'

In true Parra style, Charlie has created 3 superb feel good heavy rock tracks that are simply sublime for jamming over. Plus, with Charlie's infectious solo ideas you have a load of great licks and riffs to learn here too. You don't get over 300k subscribers and nearly 50 million YouTube views unless you wrote infectious riffs!!

The 3 tracks were mixed by our very own Jan Cyrka. Combining his incredible mixing skills, and Charlies ability to write great jam tracks with inspiring solos, the results are superb!

This package comes with 3 solo tracks, solo backing tracks, extended jam tracks, video performances and TAB/notation. Check it out below!
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