Freddy Saunder: Timber Tones - Jazzy Tones Max and Elements UK | History Repeating

Inspired by the likes of Guthrie Govan and Eddie Van Halen, Freddy Saunder's mastery of guitar techniques and the versatility of his tones are a truly amazing thing to see, and his diverse and eclectic tastes make him the perfect tone explorer.

Hailing from local Brighton, Freddy currently plays in Progressive Metal band Elements

Elements UK | History Repeating (Official Music Video)

of which he recently released a compilation of solos on his If you like guitar in any way, this is worth a watch. Freddy also plays in Indie/80's band Clockwork Orange.

Being the explorer he is, Freddy uses a wide variety of our picks, but the Jazzy Tones (Max) have quickly become his signature plectrums. He praises them for "great feel and attack", adding that they "look incredible".

Timber Tones - Jazzy Tones Max - Overview