News: Just when you thought things in the music industry could not get any worse.

Meeting You After Midnight - Jason Romo

What should be done to stop piracy?
I don't make a big deal about piracy. If people feel that taking money from me to pay for an extra Big Mac helps them sleep better than they need it more than me. Because you know what? As long as they can steal they will find a way. No matter what we do they will find away around it. I am sorry the Security Consultant side of me says do a little to stop it, but I am not going to go nuts. I am not going to sue them. Because really if they enjoy it and pass it on maybe someone else will buy my music. I write music for me. I think it is great people enjoy it and listen. If they have a moment and connect with my music I did my job. Should I get paid? Sure if they can afford it. Plus yes I have to eat also. But I think the number of people committing piracy is not enough to justify the cost for me. Maybe one day that will change.

Marco Sfogli

The most incredible shit happens, I never thought anything like this could ever happen and indeed it happened. Some glorious ass I don't even want to mention picked up reMarcoble exactly like it is, printed his own cover and changed songs names and put it out on iTunes under his name. And scrolling his previous records on iTunes there's Andromeda as well, plus some friend's tunes. Jesus Christ!

Note all the websites have gone off line since this was published