Morten Faerestrand: Lesson on Augmented + diminished AND Tour of new Studio

Gus Drax: - Advanced Technique Lessons #7 - Multi Finger Tapping

Jamie Glaser: Playing out of the box!! brilliant guitar lesson

Bruce Bouillet: Young Guitar Appendix DVD outtakes video

Jon Gomm: Rig Rundown With Boss UK

John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess: Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside - Moscow

Steve Lukather: Toto - Hold the Line - 35th Anniversary Tour - Live In Poland

Alberto Rigoni: announces new collaboration with Alusonic Aluminium Instruments

Guthrie Govan: Master Class Clinic Tour - July 2014 - Thump Music

Damjan Pejcinoski: Masterclass and concert in London announced

Jay Parmar: Lynch Lyck 8 for you and in this one I'm using my Spirit Dance Custom

Fanalo Alaux: Le CIAM joins the Institute’s International Partners Network

John McLaughlin: on the Passing of the great Paco De Lucia

Pedro Santos: Virtual Experience - Burning Your Soul

Christian Muenzner: Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (pre-production rough mix promo video)

Rick Graham Jam Track- indiegogo fund raising continues

Sam Bell: Ibanez - RGIX28FEQM Demo at Headstock Expo 2014

Doug Doppler: Orange Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011

Misha Mansoor: Top Secret Audio - Guitar Recording Tips

Brian Larkin: Vigier Guitars - super soloing on super strat!

Aaron MarshalI: Intervals The Self Surrendered

Jan Laurenz: dedicate this song to Paco de Lucia who was my first influence

Rick Graham: Shredding on my new Ibanez J Custom

Kiki Ziebart: In My Dreams - Neil Zaza - Rick Hanes DR X Custom Series

Tony Smotherman: Vigier and Revolt OD Pedal... and a ton of notes!

Ryan Ziebart: Marrakech Market by Daniele Gottardo - Rick Hanes ShredGuy Series

Farabee Ziebart: Marco Sfogli - Still hurts - this little kid is so cool!

Frank Gambale, Greg Howe,Marco Sfogli, Andy James: Mark World at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2014 - Hall 4.0 booth F37.

Paco de Lucia: has died aged 66 - very sad news indeed!

Prashant Aswani: Left Of Centre ESP guitars NAMM 2013

Sean Hall: Chariots OF Fire - new album available from bandcamp

Nick Johnston: Even If It Takes A Lifetime - Playthrough

Paul Bielatowicz,Dave Bainbridge,Dave Brons: B3 Guitar Virtuoso Gig

Marco De Cave touchstyle 432 hz

Chris Feener: Preproduction Demo (RIFFS!) - 2014 Solo Project

Martin Goulding: Modern Rock Guitar 31Jan14

Ignazio Di Salvo: Melodic improvisation over Martin Miller's backing