Paul Bielatowicz,Dave Bainbridge,Dave Brons: B3 Guitar Virtuoso Gig

B3 Guitar Virtuoso Gig


B3 Guitar Virtuoso Gig

This gig is all about experiencing uplifting music that explores the cutting edge of the expressive possibilities of the electric guitar. Prepare to be entertained and amazed by performers Paul Bielatowicz, Dave Bainbridge and Dave Brons as they each perform pieces that stretch the boundaries of the guitar repertoire. The gig will be at 7 Arts in Leeds, an intimate all seated venue that is well known for its arty ambience and its great Jazz gigs.

Paul Bielatowicz is the guitarist for the Carl Palmer band, he is renown for adapting a range of classical piano and violin pieces for the guitar using his astounding 8 finger tapping technique. Simon Fitzpatrick (also of the Carl Palmer band) will be accompanying Paul on Bass guitar. Simon's jaw dropping bass compositions will show you things that you never thought were possible on the instrument. He combines chord textures with cascading melodies and funky bass lines, all performed simultaneously!

Dave Bainbridge is the mastermind behind progressive Celtic band IONA. A world class piano player and guitarist, he combines ambient film-like textures with soaring guitar leads that are reminiscent of fusion guitar legend Allan Holdsworth crossed with the score of Braveheart!

Dave Brons music also has a cinematic feel. His music has been described as Star Wars crossed with Van Halen (virtuoso guitarist) and Einaudi (Piano composer). Dave's epic music combined beautiful piano playing and unusual time signatures and uplifting guitar melodies that will spark your imagination and transport you the the movie in your minds eye.
Paul Bielatowicz

Simon Fitzpatrick

Dave Bainbridge

Dave Brons