John F Klaver: The Classic Blues Sessions backing tracks

The Classic Blues Sessions

When John F. Klaver came to the JTC studios to film his debut 'John F Klaver Blues' series, we decided to also get him to jam over some of our classic jam tracks. We had seen John doing his thing live a few times and he has such a great classic bluesy feel about his playing. We knew he would be well suited to laying down some excellent solos over these tracks. John isn't afraid to let his guitar breathe, plus he always hits all the right notes. His BB King solo really stays true to the backing and each of the other solos are really inspiring.

This package is perfect for the novice/intermediate player and comes with the 5 live solo tracks and videos, the short and extended jam tracks, tab/notation and bonus track notes.

5 live solo tracks
5 solo backing tracks
5 extended jam tracks
5 live video performances
Tab/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
Bonus track notes

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