Richard Hallebeek,Gary Husband,Jimmy Johnson,Peter Fernandes: 'Your Truth' sung by Jason Roze

Here's an alternate take I recorded for the track ‘Your Truth’ from the cd Q.E.D., both on G10 guitarsynth and guitar. With: Gary Husband - drums/piano solo, Jimmy Johnson - bass, Peter Fernandes - keys and Jason Roze - vocals.
Very nice and melodic changes to solo over… just the way I like it!
You can check out the cd at:

“Your Truth”
Peter Fernandes, 2013

So young, I need that perfect one,
But suddenly, I’m starting to
Realize that there’s something in my life that I can’t explain.
And when I look in your eyes, I hope I can be free
‘Cause I want to know, that you’re right
And love in life isn’t a compromise

And when I look in your eyes, I know I can be free
Because I know that you’re right
And it’s no compromise

Richard Hallebeek/Gary Husband/Jimmy Johnson/Peter Fernandes/Jason Roze - 'Your Truth'