Michael Lee Firkins: checking out the Chandler Limited Gav19t

Andy McKee: set to release new EP Mythmaker

Toni Gavrilovic: GUITAR360.NET Online Lessons. Coming soon Shredding the Pentatonic.

Glenn Hughes,Andrew Watt,Jason Bonham: California Breed - the new rock and roll power trio

Ethan Brosh: Up The Stairway - track from Ethan's new album

Łukasz Kulczak: ove Symphonic Overture - record a guest solo

Dr.Viossy: GNG Dr.V7 Absynth Amaranth - Piezo demonstration

Dimitar Nalbantov: working on a new song - 8 finished tracks.

Filippo De Vecchi: Demo Mohogany bodied LG Guitar with Maple+Rosewood neck

Volker Scheidt: Play loud 2014 / Melodic guitar

Romain Roo Chapus,Mika Tyyskä: Roo talks about his new release

Bob Zabek: Bialy Kruk - Ibanez jem 77 - Bob's back with a bang!

Kiko Loureiro: latest tour dates and Ibanez Guitar Clinic Tour

Richard Hallebeek,Sebastiaan Cornelissen: To Be Frank by Eus Veldhuisen

Matthew Nichols: fingerstyle/classical guitarist living in Queens, NY

Rob Marcello: appears on new Laney's Legion release

Jack Gardiner,Jakub Żytecki: NAMM 2014 jam filmed by Tony Martinez

Timo Somers: collaborating with the talented LEAH for her upcoming album!

Eddie Bush,Jason Becker: Carvin Guitars - Jason Becker Tribute Guitar JB200C