Nick Johnston: Nick Johnston show & clinic UK - limited tickets and selling fast

Rick Renstrom: amazing cover of Yngwie's Island In The Sun solo

Matthew Asato: getting high view counts for his impressive looper solo compositions

Théo Hoarau: Shock - Bejisa, Shock - Ashes from the Sun two original compositions from this talented youngster

Joe Chawki: more insane licks from green sweetered guitar maven!

Joe Satriani,Sammy Hagar,James Hetfield: 1st annual Acoustic-4-A-Cure Benefit Concert

Andy James: ripping it up on the Laney stand Musikmesse 2013

Thomas Blug: jamming hot rock and blues live on the main stage at Musikmesse 2014

Michael Angelo Batio: ripping it up at the Dean booth Musikmesse 2014

Frank Gambale, Alain Caron, Damien Schmitt: jamming at the DV Mark stand Musikemesse 2014

Bakoe Bringas: morning duet - original play through... but before work!

Anthimos Manti: touching heart - guitar from Oblivion - emotion laden and his best yet

Mariusz Goli: acoustic street demon playing his heart out in Katowice Stawowa

Greg Koch: more amazing playing from Greg at the recent Musikmesse