David Maxim Micic,Dusan Vanja: Destiny Potato: Destiny Potato 'LUN' just add butter!

Mike Orlando: Adrenaline Mob - tour bus comes to a crashing halt - thankfully everyone survived

Daniel Lopez Velarde: Instrumedley - a portmanteau of instrumental medley

Nikhil Suresh: Scythe Impalement - sounds like: Pantera + Metallica + Megadeth + Arch Enemy

Lewis Cannon: "Sunshine through the rain" title track of album released

Alessandro Benvenuti: rock fusion for total shred guitar

Chris Turner: Ornamentality three-piece shredding metal band from Boston, Massachusetts

Adrian Weiss: footage from Adrian's upcoming second solo album

Rabih Saad: E minor Progression played on Carvin spalted maple UltraV

Sam Bell: Dead Horse Overdrives and Slapping Seven

Jeff Loomis: Sibylline Origin (Album Track)

Shred Sean: Carvin - Show Me What You Got Solo

Dimitar Nalbantov: New Improvisation on a track from the new album

Lyle Watt: New EP Release/Gig!

Nili Brosh,Jon Reshard: Vigilant - Roma's Tale ( 2-15-2014 )

Tom Gabriel Warrior: A tribute to H.R. Giger RIP