Drewsif Stalin: Positive Grid BIAS Desktop Demo/Tutorial

Curtis Fornadley: "Welcome Home" New Music released

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Daniel Cocoletzi: Cardiology (Full Score, No Tapping)

Jamie Glaser: online courses announced

Damian Salazar: ripping shredathon

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Niko Tsonev: The Bridge - Original Film Score - available online

Daisuke Kunita,Hiromi,Alex Machacek, Steve Hunt: : In My Life - Hemenway - top line JFusion

Bernie Marsden: Trouble (Feat. David Coverdale) - Official Video

Ignazio Di Salvo: Improvising metal - stunning two handed clinic performance

Chris Gordon: Diminished 7th string skipping arpeggio sequence - extreme high density note alert

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Tom Quayle, Martin Miller: Blue in Green - Bias Desktop VST

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Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Interstellar Slunk

Nguyen Le,Gary Husband: Celebrating The Dark Side of the Moon

Michael Angelo Batio,Neil Turbin: announced for NAMM Metal Jam 2015

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