Marc Pattison: Risen from the Ashes - new album

Marc Pattison - Risen from the Ashes

Ex-Circle II Circle Guitarist and current Futures End guitarist, Marc Pattison has been writing and recording for almost 3 decades. This is the most recent group of instrumental guitar songs he has completed, his most ambitious and technically proficient work to date. Included are two cover songs, Marc's take on Benny Goodman's version of the 1920's swing classic "Sing,Sing, Sing" and a metal version of the 80s classic by Debroh Harry/Blondie, "Call Me".

Marc is currently endorsed by several companies, including Eventide effects,M-Audio studio monitors and keyboards controllers,Morley Pedals,Mark of the Unicorn Audio interfaces,ESP Guitars, Peavey Amps, COOL Picks, Dimarzio Pickups and Dean Markley strings and Steinberg software. He also uses Overloud, Th2 and Spectrasonics Ominisphere and Trilian extensively on this record.

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marc Pattison in his home studio, Chief Dog Studios. All instruments and arrangements by Marc Pattison except drums on "Risen From The Ashes" are played by Bud Salvetti. All songs written and performed by Marc Pattison, except the two mentioned cover songs, which were written by the original artists mentioned, but re-arranged by Marc Pattison.

Marc would like to thank the love of his life, Jasmine Westergard, and in no particular order :Gisela Connelly, Penny Pattison, Dawn Westergard, Keaton Westergard, Jon Mosier, Daniel Potter, Phil Bennett, Christian Wentz, Bud Salvetti,Fred Marshall, Steve DiGiorgio, Jon Allen, Glenn Olander, and Spectrasonics, Pete Pachio, Wayne Marsala,Henning Wanner, Adam Sagan, Bill Hudson,Aaron Pearson,Elie Hirschman,Kyle Longmuir,Billy Connally, John Watkins,Billy Tatum,Lucho Silva,Ron Keeler.Donni Davis,Joy Basu,Chris Cannella,David Pattison,Phil Romine, Juan Urtiaga, Kevin Jackson, Mike Garnica, Shawn Baker,Stephen Paul Goodwin, James Murphy, Larry Howe, Geoffe Thorpe,Mario Söhnchen,Greg Lowry and Christopher Mahon . Anyone left out was unintentional, as well as any possible names misspelled.
May 21 2015.

Risen from the Ashes