Marcin Duński: an insane version of the solo from James Labrie - letting go

Paweł Ewertowski: Smooth and Undefined tasty instrumental compositions

Richard Daudé: "Minor Swing" improvisation

Jean Paul Agnesod,Luca Maggi: Shred Fest 2015 Cacophony - Concerto

Stel Andre, Dhalif Ali: Melodic sessions 5 - does what it says on the tin

Allan Holdsworth: talkin about speed merchant rock guitarists in 1987

Tony MacAlpine: latest update

Chris Impellitteri: Impellitteri - We Own the Night from the new album "Venom"

Takashi Katsunori: UK Tech-Fest 2015 Tour featuring Cyclamen + Aeolist!

Alexandra Zerner: Champion - get well soon tribute to Tony MacAlpine

Richard Hallebeek: Hungry for some good guitar fusion? Order the RHP triple fusion pack for super low price!

Kiuchi Keiji: Far Beyond The Sun 9 years old japanese guitar player

Ulisses Miyazawa: In Control - check out the Tony MacAlpine keyboard solo on guitar

Silvio Gazquez: New Age Guitar Synth Solos - Yourock Guitar Gen2

Rick Graham: Raw Practice footage - part 2

Claudio Pietronik: Improvised solo over "Final Frontier" by Thomas Bergersen - super tasty

Eric Calderone: Hayley's Comet - Original - Live at Falk Theater - Eric Calderone V Eric Calderone?

Ignazio Di Salvo: Improvising over Sunny

Keshav Dhar, Devesh Dayal: Skyharbor - Out of Time from India featuring with Towering vocals of Eric Emery

Gilad Hekselman: Homes - New Album teaser

Ossi Maristo: Eldar Djangirov - Polaris Piano Solo transcribed for guitar... awesome stuff

Nita Strauss: The day I got tricked into meeting my guitar hero, Jason Becker

Billy Gibbons: releasing Perfectamundo on Concord Records

News: IK Multimedia and Mesa Engineering proudly announce that 
AmpliTube MESA/Boogie for Mac/PC is available now

Chris Broderick: An Interview with The Metalist

Virgil Donati, André Nieri, Anthony Crawford: US and Canada September tour dates 2015

Alex Skolnick: Me And My Guitar interview - ESP AS-1 guitar

Travis Montgomery: Aristides Day - GEAR GODS

Sean Hall: Aristides Day - GEAR GODS

Ron Thal: Guitar Lesson: Bumblefoot - Cuterebra and Piranha style lick

Jack Thammarat: 20 Licks: Building The Ballad.

Saverio Pietropaolo: Stars & Guitars - Hammerhead - Anzio 2015

Mamoru Goriku: live performance from MI Fukuora 2015

Ayu Gusfanz: Under a Glass moon by:Dream Theater she's just 10 year old!

Akihiko Onji: jamming over Claudio Pietronik - Backing Track in his amazing two handed style

Allan Holdsworth: Allan Earth Video - the tone!!!

Jack Gardiner: Falling Up - Allen Hinds

Joel Hoekstra: Guitar Solo, Whitesnake, August 16, 2015

Paul Gilbert,Sunghu Wee: MI Grad Performing With Guitar Hero Paul Gilbert

Mark Kroos: Thunderstruck & Back in Black, Same Time

Lorcan Ward: Daemoness Cimmerian FF7 - Neo-Classical Power Metal Solo

Mats Moland Træen: Mirages Of The Past

Sam Bell: FUNCTION New Original Tune.

Chris Impelliterri, Joe Stump: The Right To Rock - Shredder podcast

Vinnie Moore, Frank Marino: Classic Rock Legends The Lizards Feat. Ex-Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Cactus & Riot Members Release New CD

Adrian Galysh: Teams Up with for Blues Album

Mika Tyyskä: The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt -premiere night at Andorra Helsinki

Tomáš Raclavský, Plini: Modern Day Babylon - Water Drops

Frank Steffen Mueller: Fate Of Souls - Official Video