Jonathan Schnitzspan: Inspiring Nightmare by ForTiorI - progressive metal from Bitburg

Inspiring Nightmare by ForTiorI

1. New Genesis 01:39 
2. Beyond 04:39
3. Fallout 05:00
4. Stampede 04:41
5. Unread Story 04:53
6. Black Paradise 04:56
7. Lyra 05:13
8. Against All Odds 04:53
9. Spiegel 04:15
10. Synnecrosis 05:46
11. Crimson Air 04:38
12. Requiem 08:38

Combining modern prog metal / djent with old school heavy metal / grunge, in this album I´m trying to find my roots while pushing forward. In writing and production, I tried my hardest to take the best of both worlds and fuse them together.

Defined roaring djenty tones that are at the same time dirty and smudgy. Precisely mixed drums that still have some slack and edge. A bass building a defined low end basis while sounding like a roaring monster.

If I succeed in my endeavors or not is hard for me to tell. But what I do know is this album was a lot of fun to make and working with my new vocalist Brian Wright was a blast. I hope you enjoy this latest ForTiorI creation as much as we do.
released October 19, 2015

lyrics, vocals - Brian Wright
guitars, bass, drum programming - Jonathan Schnitzspan
writing, recording, mixing, mastering - Jonathan Schnitzspan
quote in "New Genesis" - Dr. Robert Oppenheimer
saxophone in "Unread Story" - Sage Judd
guest vocals in "Crimson Air" - Evan Magor
album artwork - Bryan Shepard
tags: metal ambient core djent hardcore heavy metal progressive metal Bitburg