Ray Suhy, Alex Silvergold, Rolando Alvarado: Tessellations by Suhy, Silvergold, & Alvarado jazz-rock fusion from Red Bank

Tessellations, the debut CD from Ray Suhy, Alex Silvergold & Rolando Alvarado. Coming November 13, 2015! Pre-order now athttp://suhysilvergoldalvarado.bandcam...

Press Release:
Guitarist Ray Suhy takes you on an interstellar musical journey along with drummer Alex Silvergold and bassist Rolando Alvarado.

Composer and bandleader Ray Suhy has assembled a powerhouse jazz-rock fusion trio consisting of Suhy on guitar, Alex Silvergold on drums, and Rolando Alvarado on bass. The result of their collaboration is Tessellations, a record that encompasses the many different styles that Suhy loves to play and listen to.

Thematically, Tessellations narrates a sleep/dream/awakening cycle as a metaphor for traveling to the far reaches of space and then back towards the sun again. The record expresses the journey from light to dark. According to Suhy, “The balance of light and dark is really important to me when I create. Too much of one or the other and the expression is out of balance."

The trio is looking forward to exploring tunes from the album live as well as recording some more music soon. Ray says that "the group has a good chemistry going and I can't wait to follow some other musical paths with them."

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Video by Michael Sternbach
Ray Suhy, Alex Silvergold & Rolando Alvarado: "Tessellations" Album Preview #1-"Perihelion"

Tessellations by Suhy, Silvergold, & Alvarado