Jeff Berlin: Launches Campaign For New Tribute Album To Legendary Jack Bruce features Allan Holdsworth

Dave Paris: releases instrumental album "Jury of My Peers"

Atanas Shishkov: Rock Fusion Jam / Yamaha RGX421D - Test Drive - stunning tapping

Dave Martone: Nacimiento from his latest Nylon Album

Uli Jon Roth: delightful Nemesis Noodle 2013

PJ d'Atri: Bach Prelude - John Petrucci BFR Signature Model with amazing-sounding Piezo-System

Dave Brons, Dave Bainbridge: Celestial Fire Tour 2015- Dave Bainbridge

Cameron Allen: Jazz Blues Performance

Joel Hoekstra: 13 - Dying To Live Album Sampler

News: PRS guitars debuts 58/15 Limited Edition Custom 24

Kevin Chesnais: Amber Sea - White Materia - djent play through

Dave Weiner: Tracking a new jamtrack for Guitopia

Richard Daudé: Dorian - Melodic minor super smooth legato

Sam Bell: Power Picking - Lesson Samples from new lesson pack

Steve Vai: Leg 5 (Europe...Again)

Gianluca Ferro, Isao Fujita: Bridgwater Arts Centre UK clinic and live show

Rick Graham: Try This Legato Line - more super slick Rick!

Jarle H Olsen: JTC Pro-10 - Quadrasonic - backing tracks, playthroughs, tab and audio - great album!

Leonardo Guzman: Some Chilled Guest Solo

Fabio Cerrone: announces New European tour with Marco Mendoza - check out the Masterclass videos

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot Guitars continue to suck unabated at the RMA

Sebastian Persini, Anton Davidyants, Marco Sfogli, Alex Argento, Alessandro Bertoni: new album demo

Jim Seekford: Badass 6 - time for the blues

Jake Guy: "Wheelspin" a new tune for 2015 - classy melodic shredding metal

Jack Gardiner: JTC Jam of the Month August - Friedman BE and Torpedo Reload - great job!

Joey Tafolla: announces live appearance at Tribfest VIII in Arizona

Tomáš Raclavský: Modern Day Babylon - just 7 days left on the pre order