Jarle H Olsen: JTC Pro-10 - Quadrasonic - backing tracks, playthroughs, tab and audio - great album!

Jarle H. Olsen - Bergen, Norway
My friends! I'm pleased to introduce you to my first release at Jam Track Central. After a long time and many requests from them, I'm flattered to be the first norwegian guitarist included on their artist roster among todays top modern players such as; Guthrie Govan, Andy James, Kiko Loureiro, Jeff Loomis, Marco Sfogli, Mattias Eklundh, Zakk Wylde etc. just to mention a few.. So guitar enthusiasts, be sure to check out my new release at Jam Track Central!
Pro-10 https://jamtrackcentral.com/store/jamtracks/pro-10

JTC is very proud to debut Jarle H. Olsen with this insane play through video of the track Pro-10 from his album 'Quadrasonic' (available by clicking the link below)!

This brutal and epic progressive metal track is a technical and mental workout! Featuring massive bends, sweep picking, economy picking, alternate picking, tapping, pedal notes, legato, slides and so much more! But it's not just a purely technical shred-fest though; this track is musically and melodically solid, with searing guitar solos, hard-hitting rhythm sections and enough raw grit and emotion to keep you head banging throughout!

This package contains the play through video and audio, plus the official track backing and full TAB/Notation!

If you click the image below you can purchase the full 'Quadrasonic' album + all of the playthrough files in this pack by clicking on the 'Album Special' option on the right hand side. You can also just purchase the album only by clicking the 'Album' option (also at the link below)

Pro-10 Video Playthrough
Pro-10 MP3 Audio
Pro-10 Official Backing
Full TAB/Notation