Dave Martone: Nacimiento from his latest Nylon Album

Nacimiento Nylon Album from Dave Martone

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"Nacimiento" means birth or beginning. For Dave Martone, that means returning to his musical roots and revisiting his love of the nylon string guitar. The acoustic nylon string guitar has a warm, organic sound which fits the passion of the flamenco style on Dave’s new album. Dave brings his sense of style and musical energy to familiar movie and television tunes such as “Spider-Man”, “Rocky” and “The Godfather”; as well as hard rock favorites with Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and Europe’s “The Final Countdown”. Dave also performs guitar standards such as “Classical Gas”, “Maria Elena” and “Malagueña”. And, even Boney M’s lush disco classic “Rasputin” gets the flamenco treatment.

“My father started me off at age 6 on the nylon guitar and that is where I needed to return. I hope you can enjoy this album for what it means to me, and how I find the sound of the nylon guitar so inspiring, so raw, so pure, so beautiful."
Thank you
Dave Martone

"Rasputin" video Directed by Andrew Gerard

Track Listing

11 11 11
Spider Man
Classical Gas
Dream on
The Godfather
Maria Elena
The Final Count Down
Besame Mucho

NACIMIENTO by Dave Martone

Dave Martone - "Rasputin" performance video