Lee Mckinney: Born of Osiris - Soul Sphere - coming October 23rd

Tony Smotherman: World Rock Guitar Lessons -

Rowan J Parker: Songs From Somewhere - the new CD

Nicole Papastavrou: Kratos - new signature handmade by Luiteria Rox

Dhalif Ali: Modern Jam - smoothest of smooth jams

Joe Bonamassa: with guest Brian Setzer Minneapolis 2015

Vinnie Moore: I'll let you guess one of the names of the tracks from the new album - order yours!

Paul Masvidal, Sean Malone: Cynic - so long and thanks for all the fish... Cynic call it a day

Jason Spell: Just The Tip #2 – Gaining Speed With Clarity.

Allen Hinds, Isao Fujita, Daisuke Kunita: Modern World Symphony - Yabuki Zhuo

Niko Tsonev: Lifesigns - Live DVD snippet from this high quality release

News: BC Rich Guitars Launches NJ Retro Series

John 5: teams up with Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein for Mad Monster Tour 2015