Matt Powell: Adrift - Schecter C-7 put to good use in this original metal composition

Luke Fortini: tasty Melodic rock solo over a major progression

t-cophony: Way home - The 10th anniversary" demo performance with electric guitar

Aleksander Kuznetsov, Yury Lampochkin: The Korea - Чёрное Море - Black Sea from new album

Joe Basilio: 2nd Teaser from upcoming EP Excelsis

Krumlov: Skreddy Screw Driver - Suhr Classic Te Sim - Tasty Scofield Style Groove

Roberto Restuccia: peace and love my friends x

Eddie Van Halen: Smithsonian talk - full Interview

Andy Timmons, Martin Miller: GuitarMania and Ibanez Germany interview 2015

Robbert Hanenberg: amazing lyrical tapped arpeggios over JTC jamtrack - Marshall JVM410h

Chris Brooks: Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios - fundamental principles for advanced sweep picking in one simple package

Milan Polak: Another Brick In The Wall - available for Skype lessons

Eric Gales: Live Video Recording of the concert at De Bosuil Weert, Netherlands by Special Events Productions

Travis Montgomery: Seymour Duncan - 805 Overdrive & Vapor Trail with his Aristides O6O

Doug Steele: series of recent videos with some awesome metal soloing techniques explained

Frank Gambale, Stuart Hamm, Steve Smith: The Promise - Show me What You Can Do - promo for the classic album

Sam Bell: Rock Foundations Alternate Picking - Licklibrary New Release