Paul Masvidal, Sean Reinert, Sean Malone: Cynic Live at club DROP, Osaka Japan

Live at club DROP, Osaka Japan on Sep 6th, 2015
Paul Masvidal — Guitar, Vocals
Sean Reinert — Drums
Sean Malone — Bass
This concert video is free for everyone online; there will not be a separate DVD or audio release of the show.
Special thanks to Sotaro and Nubuo Okuda, and everyone at Pudding Broadcast for their hard work and dedication.
Thanks again to Hayato Imanishi and his team at Rising Media for making us feel so welcomed, and looking after our every need.
We are proud to have shared the stage in Japan with Plini and Cyclamen.
And to the fans—many of whom came to all three concerts—thank you for your kindness, and for sharing three unforgettable nights with us!


Track List

00:00 Veil of Maya
06:00 Adam's Murmur
10:30 True Hallucination Speak
16:45 Elves Beam Out
21:42 Moon Heart Sun Head
29:10 The Space for This
36:30 Integral
42:20 Carbon-Based Anatomy
50:20 The Lion's Roar
57:05 Kindly Bent to Free Us
Thanks, Andres Centellas!!

CYNIC - Live "CYNIC Japan tour 2015"