Soichiro Mizuno: Tulpa - Takenawa Intrigue - Download tabs, backing tracks - learn this awesome tapping solo

I just took a solo instruction video for "Tulpa" with playthrough.
Download tabs, backing tracks(for 16bit and 24bit) and video here:

Lead guitars: EADGBE
Rhythm guitars: EbBbEbAbDbFBb (7to1)

Track: Tulpa (ft. Kento from 7YEARS TO MIDNIGHT)
Album: TAKENAWA INTRIGUE (Mar 27, 2016)
Project: TAKENAWA INTRIGUE (consists of 5 guitarists)
Album available (5USD) on Bandcamp:

playthrough of all tracks in 1st album:

Twitter (Japanese):

"Tulpa" (TAKENAWA INTRIGUE) Guitar Instruction [Free Official TABs]