Mika Tyyskä: Neon Alchemist - New EP - 3XEP Collection Pre-order

Kevin Glasgow: Equinox

Justin Kellerman: Here's my entry for the Kiesel Guitar contest.

Roger Pedersen: Kiesel Solo Contest. #‎kieselsolocontest‬ - shredding!

Lucio Hortas: Kiesel Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest

Christian Muenzner: Beyond The Wall Of Sleep Tabbook / Sheet Music

Fabrizio Leo: fourth solo album, due to be released in December 2016.

Chris Brooks: Sweep Picking Systems lesson course

Ivan Chopik: painted in exile US tour dates

Migs Rañeses: Flyign Fish - Guitar Idol 2016

Roopam Garg: Flowering Of Consciousness - The Surrealist

Danny Tunker: Hail Satan - ripping solo from Hannes Grossmann's new album - shred guitar as she is meant to be played!

Luke Fortini: Kiesel guitar solo contest entry

Marco Iacobini: Extended version of my guitar solo for new song of brand new album.

Mateus Starling, Andre Nieri: Santo Angelo. expomusic de 2012 - great live improvisation

Julian Lage: "Persian Rug" - Live from the Blue Whale - impressive live performance

Marcin Duński: solo from upcoming song

JiYeon Lee: Blues Saraceno Rabbit Soup

Lari Basílio: High Gain" - preset - BIAS FX