Sean Baker: Clownhammer - new album available from Shredguy records

Rob Scallon: Anchor EP - Tour Edition

Xavier Boscher: Pentagramme - new album

Wagner Ribeiro: Trillogy - Breaking Time and Overcoming from the debut album

Zac Tiessen: Traverse - progressive rock Toronto

Al Mu'min: • THM | ETO • .strandberg*

Red Frandany: Dtronia - Guitar idol 2016

Tomasz Andrzejewski: Not Made In China now available on Bandcamp

Andrei Kaptsiuh: Endless De Generation - new album

Alex Hutchings: Music China 2016 Live in Shanghai

Tyler Reese: "Out of Orbit" from the CD "Reminiscence"

Marco Sfogli, Vladimir Shevyakov: Winner Flying Finger Guitar Competitions 2016.

Nico Schliemann: demo of Providence Stampede OD

Luca Turilli: Luca Turilli's Rhapsody – ROSENKREUZ from CINEMATIC AND LIVE

James Graydon: Harmonic Soloing Masterclass

News: Mrs. Wampler Pedals... the real CEO of Wampler Pedals

Dean Brown: Interview + Xotic California Classic XSC - Short Version

Greg Howe: About Improvisation, Creating Guitar Solos And Writting Songs TCDG

Andy James: Exit Through Ashes - Performance from the new solo album

Maranhão: Expomusic 2016 - Stand da Santo Angelo - Maranhão

Paul Gilbert: Gi Weekly Ep7 - Interview and Live Gear Breakdown

Fran Alonso: Rock On - Suhr Classic T Custom with Kemper Profiling

Masahiro Aoki: Godspeed Vivix - G5 Project 2016 - Surge Official Guitar Playthrough

Yamato Masaoka: G5 Project 2016 - All In The Demon - Official Guitar Playthrough

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee: "Funcraft By Night" | Time Stand Still

Kiko Loureiro: MEGADETH - Sold out concert in Argentina - Neuquén and Buenos Aires

Joe Pinnavaia: JTC Jam of the Month November 2016

Daniel Purnomo: Angelo Guitar - Winter Wonderland - Live Music at Heirlooms Music, Singapore