News: Mrs. Wampler Pedals... the real CEO of Wampler Pedals

Just a note: This is a Q&A, an interesting insight into the spouse's perspective of owning a pedal business. Some of those who like the longer style of videos may like it, but there's no guitar playing on this video. Plenty of guitar discussion though, though from my better half's point of view.

On this special Vlog, we answer some questions from the Tone Group on Facebook ( and get Amanda's perspective on the pedal business. For those who may not know, Amanda is most often called "the real CEO of Wampler Pedals" among the staff, and wife of Brian. In short, she helps run much of the business and picks up the slack that Brian leaves hanging around, which can be quite a bit :D

1:10 What was the most difficult part of growing Wampler Pedals?
2:06 Does Amanda steal the covers?
2:40 How did we meet?
3:25 Does Brian bother Amanda with crazy pedal ideas?
5:04 What role does Amanda play in the company?
5:50 How did a nerd like Brian talk Amanda into marrying him?
7:01 Does Brian's OCD get in the way?
7:50 How often does Brian talk about pedals in his sleep?
8:02 Does the business take a toll on our marriage? Does Amanda support Brian's business and goals?
11:15 What is Brian's most annoying habit?
12:25 What are Amanda's aspirations?
13:53 Has Brian ever fell asleep in the shop?
15:16 Is Brian always thinking "pedals pedals pedals"?
16:15 Does it get old having all kinds of pedals laying around the house?
17:40 Does Amanda get creeped out if someone recognizes her or us?
19:33 Was Amanda supportive when we went full time with the business?
21:01 What do you think of the music industry in general?
24:04 Do people recognize your last name?
24:39 Steak Talk
25:40 Favorite vacation spot?
27:57 Brian gets in the dog house...
30:20 Amanda gets the dreamy eyes when around ___________?
32:43 Brian challenges Steven Segal to MMA?
33:33 What you don't know about many famous people...

Link to Amanda's other business:

Q&A with Mrs. Wampler Pedals... the real CEO of Wampler Pedals ;)