Feodor Dosumov: FD Ibanez JAM Contest 2017

START : 1 February 2017
END: 15 march 2017

- The best guitarist - RGIR27E-BK guitar
- For second place - 2 pedal Ibanez series mini (ADMINI and CSMINI)
- Third place - Ibanez accessory kit

The terms of participation:

1) Join the group https://vk.com/ibanezrussia and https://www.facebook.com/ibanezrussia/
2) Do repost of news from Ibanez-groups in VK and FB to your wall.
3) Play a jam with exclusive Bucking Track of Feodor
4) Take your video
5) Put your video to your wall in VK with hashtags #FDjam #guitar60sec and into a special topic in the https://vk.com/ibanezrussia with the name “FD Ibanez JAM + your name”.