Tom Quayle, Dan Smith, David Beebee: Fibenare guitars NAMM 2017

I caught up with The Guitar Hour crew at the Fibenare booth, testing out guitars and hanging with the guitar players. The Guitar Hour crew is an online chat show hosted by Tom Quayle, Dan Smith, Dave Brons and David Beebee.

The main show features jamming, guitar chat, special guest interviews, gear guides, audience chat room, Q&A sessions and more, all LIVE streamed to both YouTube and If you're into podcasts, you can also listen to the audio only version by subscribing via iTunes or a podcast app of your choice.

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Fibenare guitars are a sight to behold and are gradually building a firm following with the support of the local legatio guitar fusion community, stunning guitars in exotic woods brought to by the Hungarian Fibenare handmade guitar company
It really is a small team and many appear at the NAMM show to display and talk about their guitars

Attila Benedek
Csaba Benedek
Árpád Benedek
Gábor Goldschmidt (since 2004.)
Mihály Szöllőssy (since 2012.)

I had just seen Tom playing at the 100 club in Oxford street in London, England.

So it was great to catch up with Tom and talk about the guitars, whilst he laid down some tasty legato noodling.  Both Dan Smith, David Beebee were over the moon with their guitars, take a close look at the photos and you can see. Unbelievable quality, and finsh.